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Hotbox- Portable Smart Agile Working Solution

The most developed solution we offer for Cost Effective and durable Hot Desking.

Designed cleverly to hang off tool bars and third level screen systems - With locking lid for security. A good size also to accommodate files as well as laptops.

Loan Samples available for evaluation.

This portable smart agile working solution concept of hotbox is to satisfy the trends in office working in relation to the need for a secure, mobile storage box. Simplistically this is the demise of the pedestal in many organisations with the use of bench desking and the introduction of central storage. In another parlance, ‘smart working’ creates the need for portable storage.

Portable Smart Agile Working Solution

As the pedestals are no longer required the introduction of Hotbox initiates the need for overnight storage in the form of personal lockers in another location. We can offer a high profile mfc locker range available in 75 different colours sized to take Hotbox if they need to be visible or in the office area.

Hotbox allows the work to be removed from the office to other work locations or taken home for home working. Hotbox is fitted with a lock enabling safe and confidential transportation of work and personal effects.


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HotboxHotbox whiteHotbox HiveHotboxHotbox HousingsHotboxHotbox HousingsHotbox HousingsHotbox HousingsHotbox HousingsHotbox Lockers by BisleyMelamine LockersMelamine LockersMelamine LockersHotboxHotbox 101Hotbox 101Hotbox 101HotboxHotboxHotboxHotboxHotboxHotbox Housings


Ideal Hot Desking Solution

Hotbox allows the operative to collect or transfer sufficient files from the storage area to the desk in order to work without continually accessing the store, or transfer work to home, or utilise any desk with the HOTBOX stored in a locker until the next visit. The Hotbox can be placed in the desk or on the floor or on a shelf. There is also a bracket stored within the box to enable support on a toolbar or profiled screen. A desk bracket is available to enable support at any point on the periphery of the desk i.e. alongside the user or elsewhere at the edge of the desk, please see image. There are so many companies using this method that it must be the preferred efficient and creative mode of working and allows flexible working to an unlimited timescale and a more productive regime in and out of the office.

Workers are free to work, meet, create and discuss anywhere in a building such as breakout areas, hot-desks or office Pod. In all a liberated office.


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