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Hotbox Two - Portable Smart / Agile Working

Agile working; the principle of work organisation and job design in the modern office environment

There are many reports and hypothesis on the new organisational paradigm that emerged in corporate and SME businesses, based on smart, flexible and mobile working principles.

This new paradigm was driven by the combination of changes to the work environment (including different structural context, greater use of IT (Wi-Fi), and more flexible office layouts) and employment proposition changes (including greater autonomy and discretion for employees). The creative benefits of closer collaboration with a more relaxed attitude to set down working, plus the capital cost savings on formal furniture and space present an irrefutable argument for the principle.

Portable Smart / Agile Working Solution

Time has moved on and although Hotbox 1 pioneered the principle there are now other considerations to take into account. Young fashion conscious corporate managers and executives have embraced the facility of impromptu collaborative meetings in quiet set down workspace. The need for a Nomadic workbox specifically designed for the Agile, Flexible workplace still remains but the dynamic is now for a box with more uniquely designed personal features.

Young and old alike appreciate functional design with style that relates to the way they work, the way they look and the tools they use. Why not take satisfaction of working with an aid that satisfies these criteria yet embraces the need to transport files, tablets, pads, smart-phones and personal belongings yet is both a fashion accessory and a pleasure to work with. Easier to carry with an optional shoulder strap, allows for individuality with choice of closing cover colours, streamline style and even a soft carry handle for comfort.

Hotbox 2

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Hence the development of Hotbox Two.

Workers are still free to work, meet, create, discuss and collaborate anywhere in a building such as breakout areas, hot-desks or office Pod. In all, a liberated office with style!

  • Durable ABS plastic streamline case
  • Ergonomic carry handle with soft grip.
  • Standard mounts for optional clip on shoulder strap.
  • 2 x removable Tidy boxes for desktop or internal use
  • Magnetic cover clips
  • Inter changeable coloured fabric or vinyl covers for individuality
  • Takes i-pad, notebooks, smart phones, files and folders.
  • Compact design to fit lockers
  • Combined card holder and pull handle      
  • Optional exterior tablet stand

Combined card holder and pull handle     

Optional exterior tablet stand

We are here to help manage projects of any size to completion.

The creative and interactive role of hotbox 2 in the Agile working environment is also a very important aspect. If you need any more on this from the practical aspect of utilising Hotbox, please contact us. There are thousands of boxes in use throughout the world and we are expert in assisting you to implement this method principle.

Hotbox 2 is not just a working tool for a very current philosophy in office management but an absolute key to open doors to compliment business in many areas of collaboration, both inside and out of the office. Opening doors is a keynote to teaching, marketing, medicine, law, banking and commerce in general. The box is not just a hot working tool it is a symbol to a wider audience.

If you look at our website you will see a large portfolio of well designed products. If you wish to know more on these or the application of Agile working we can visit at your convenience. You may want to know more about it because it is a relevant subject of the moment. We are sure you will find it a product to add value to your business in itself but also stimulate other areas of your business and its user to excel.


Smart working; the principle of work organisation

A quick study to test the hypothesis might include:

A literature review to consolidate the thought leadership that supports the hypothesis

‘Light touch’ case studies, profiling  organisations that demonstrate the concept in practice

Key insights and suggestions for the shape and focus of a further stage of research

These studies are readily available to purchase on the internet.

We however are at liberty to give some insight into the use of our Working Tools, HOTBOX 2, to facilitate and operate the new office dynamic. An abbreviated list of users of the product HOTBOX will give a range of organizations at varying stages of their journey towards smart working. We also include a case study by courtesy of the mobile phone operator VODAPHONE illustrating their experiences with Agile working.



“Just because you are not office based doesn’t mean you don’t need somewhere to store files, stationary and personal items.”

Hotbox 2. Meets the needs of nomadic workers, consultants and shift workers in call centres.  It is a robust ABS moulded storage box that’s large enough to store files, binders, foolscap folders, magazines, i-pad and even small notebook PC’s but still small enough to fit into security lockers and cupboards. The hotbox design caters for almost every requirement including being a fashion conscious accessory.

The concept of hotbox 2 is to satisfy the trends in office working in relation to the need for a stylish efficient mobile storage box. Simplistically this is the demise of the pedestal in many organisations with the use of bench desking and the introduction of central storage. In another parlance, ‘smart working’ creates the need for portable storage. As the pedestals are no longer required the introduction of Hotbox initiates the need for overnight storage in the form of personal lockers in another location. We can offer a high profile, secure, mfc locker range available in 75 different colours sized to take Hotbox if they need to be visible or in high profile area. Lockers can be provided with keyless locks where required. Hotbox 2 allows the work to be removed from the office to other work locations or taken home for home working.


Hotbox 2 allows the operative to collect or transfer sufficient files from the storage area to the desk in order to work without continually accessing the central storage. It will transfer work to home, or allow the user to utilise any desk with the HOTBOX 2 stored in a locker until the next visit. The Hotbox 2 can be placed on the desk, the floor or a shelf. There is also an optional bracket available to enable support on a toolbar or profiled screen.

There are so many companies using the Agile method that it must be the preferred efficient and creative mode of working and allows flexible working to an unlimited timescale and a more productive regime in and out of the office.

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