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The understated tables from the stainless series fit into any environment.  The series includes dinning tables, coffee tables, lounge table, side tables or stand up tables.  The base is made of polished stainless steel.  The top is made of tempered glass, transparent or satin finish.

Side table - Ø450 x h500 mm - CAS 2050
Table - Ø700 x h720 mm - CAS 2051
Table - Ø900 x h720 mm - CAS 2052
Table - Ø1100 x h720 mm - CAS 2053
Sofa table - Ø700 x h400 mm - CAS 2054
Sofa table - Ø900 x h400 mm - CAS 2055
Sofa table - Ø1100 x h400 mm - CAS 2056
High table - Ø700 x h1100 mm - CAS 2057

Products BCFA Members. UKAS Recognised
Exor Accredited Supplier
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